Spectrum Business Internet voip phones

Enjoy Better Connectivity With FREE Business Voice Features

Transfer customers instantly, forward your calls to a mobile device, access your voicemails from anywhere and much more with over 35 FREE advanced business calling features.

Dialing and Talking

Call Hold
Holds active calls and lets you make or receive a second call, then alternate between the two.
Call Logs
Keeps a record of all missed, received and dialed calls.
Call Return±
Calls back the last party that called you.
Call Transfer
Easily transfers active calls to an internal or external line.
Call Waiting
Allows you to manage multiple callers at the same time.
Call Waiting Cancel
Stops incoming calls to ensure no interruptions when you are on another call.
Caller ID Custom±
Allows you to choose the phone number and name that others see when you call.
Extension Dialing
Quickly connects phones in your workplace using  an extension.
Hold Music±
Plays music for inbound callers placed on hold.
Speed Dial±
Lets you quickly dial frequently called numbers.
3-Way Calling
Connects you with other parties at once.


Additional Business Voice Benefit:

Battery Backup

Provides backup power for 8 hours when fully charged.

Receiving and Screening

Auto Attendant
Automatically answers a call and plays a menu of options to route callers.

Call Blocking
Restricts certain incoming calls—collect, international, long distance, third party, directory/operator assistance.

Call Guard
Block malicious robocalls and receive Caller ID alerts like “SPAM RISK” for other telemarketing calls. Add phone numbers to your Allow List so they’re never blocked or alerted.

Call Pick Up
Allows members of a group to answer one another’s incoming calls.

Call Rejection

Restricts calls from anonymous or specified numbers.

Caller ID
Displays name and number of caller before you answer.

Directed Call Pick Up
Enables you to pick up an incoming call on another line by entering * + the extension on your phone.

Hunt Groups
Routes calls to open extensions so callers can reach a live person.

ntercept Message±
Notifies callers when a disconnected numbers is no longer in service.

Selective Call Rejection±
Lets you create a list of numbers to block. Callers hear a message saying you’re not currently accepting calls.

Sequential Ring
Rings up to five additional phone numbers in sequence (when phone is not answered, goes to next phone) when the line is called.

Simultaneous Ring
Rings multiple phones—inside or outside the office—at once or in sequence.

Voicemail and Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding
Forwards your incoming calls to another number.

Call Forwarding Always
Forwards all your incoming calls to another number.

Call Forwarding Ring Splash
Plays a special short ring tone to remind you when a line is forwarded.

Call Forwarding Selective
Lets you choose which incoming calls will be forwarded to another number.

Fax Mailbox±
Lets you view faxes online and sends a copy of the fax to email.

Fax to Email±
Sends incoming faxes to your email.

Forwarding No Answer / Busy±
Forwards your calls only when your line is busy or you don’t pick up.

PIN Resets / Changes
Updates the passcode needed to access Voicemail box.

PIN Skip
Turns off the need for a PIN to access Voicemail.

Readable Voicemail (VM to Text)± Transcribes Voicemail to text and sends it to your email or mobile phone along with an audio file.

Lets callers leave a message for you.

Voicemail Setup 
Sets up your Voicemail box and PIN.

Voicemail to Email
Sends Voicemails to your email.


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± Feature not available in all areas.